I am not better than others but guess what sucks

Being jailed in a special ed classroom where most people are studying material 1-4 grade levels below their actual grade and you being above average and getting bored of it

I was perceived as entitled because of this…s i g h

How did you qualify for special ed?

because of my autism they placed me there I guess

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You seem to be ahead in your math skills.

That shouldn’t qualify you because your autism isn’t severe enough. No wonder you’re frustrated with being there

any form of autism qualifies here, also ADHD or such qualifies too

im not there anymore thankfully (i asked to get rid of it as a 5-6th grader)

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I’m glad you’re not there anymore.

yeah I am ahead, I did 10th-grade math courses as an 8th grader and scored a lot better than most 10th graders


Hell, maybe you are better than others. What’s wrong with that?

That’s highly unlikely considering that I dropped out of 9th grade due to mental health last school year

Well, I find in my own life, that when God closes one door, he opens another one.