I am new here

Hey everyone ,My name is Pisces and I am from South Africa. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2013 and have been visiting this site ever since,but never signed up.I am on 6mg Respedone and has been on this dose for the past 2 years.




hi pisces :slight_smile: welcome to the forum,

how are you?


hi Pisces
good to meet you

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Hello Pisces.

I’m also from South Africa. I live in Cape town…

There are also 2 other people called @Hadeda and @Fellowman who are from south Africa…

Welcome aboard


You’re welcome here. We’re glad to have you.


Welcome @Pisces :slight_smile:

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Hey ,I am doing okay. It took me a while to sign up to this side but I’ve been ready some of the discussions and it has help me a lot over the years. How are you doing?:smile:

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Thank you guys for the welcome. If there’s any Questions please dont hesitate to ask.

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Oh thats nice to hear…I am originally from the Northern Cape but working in Pretoria since 2011. Ye cape town is very nice I spent a year there when I was studying IT in 2005. Thanks for the welcome.

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There is also another member @chemwex from Africa

Oh I forgot to add.I am 34 years of age and had my first psychotic brake when I was 29y. It was a very hard time for me and what I did is still haunting me today. I was little bit embarrass but has come to live with it after I 've read about other peoples experiences.


Hi @Pisces nice to have you here! Im also 34 and from Cape Town. I have had sza since my teens.

Hi @Hadeda great meeting you. I have had only to hospitalizations 2013 and 2015. I had no positive or negative symptoms since. I guest the medication is doing it job. what medication are you on?

Hi Pisces. Is your name Pisces or is that your sign?

Hi @Jonnybegood , Its just my sign …everyone calls me Danny (short for my real name).

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I’m on 400mg amisulpride and 5mg olanzapine
Had 4 hospital stays between 2003-2005 and relapsed in 2012 and had 4 more hospitalisations in 2013-2018
Currently coming out of another relapse

Welcome @Pisces! I hope you find support and friendship here.

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I am sorry to hear that. I just lived in denial for the period 2013 to 2014 and stop taking my medication after coming out of hospital. Thats why I had a relapse in 2015 (stayed for 6 weeks) . After that I came to realize that maybe the doctors where right. Now I am starting to doubt it again as I dont have any symptoms but has a lot of side effects from the meds.

Sexually I most of the time I dont have feeling for it and I just got a new girlfriend 3 months ago. One of my breast are bigger than the other and I always feel tired.

I am still taking my Meds religiously since 2015 but these side effect are just stressing me to much. I have an appointment with my pdoc this Thursday ,so I will see what happens.

I hope things will just get better for you.

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