I am moving ahead on my goals

I took up a long term job in the government 2 months ago. It’s not as easy as it seems. I think I’m picking up a bit more slowly than an average guy. I think it will get better with time. I’m putting in efforts. I’m on 3 years of probation term. Plenty of time for me to better my performance. Often receive harsh comments from coworkers. Some of them are not nice. But I’m persevering. I won’t give up.

I’m getting pretty good results will my goals. Last year I make myself to read again. I find that repeated reading is helpful to me. I have been making notes and doing assignments on daily basis. I have been able to turn myself around for the better. This makes me happy. Reading has become a pleasure of my life again. I find repeated reading to be a really helpful idea. I have gotten a lot of good ideas from my books. I am reading books that are life changing. I feel much better these days.

Started to exercise again. I have taken 4 night time walks in the last week. It’s very nice to walk again. I like to walk on slope. I lost weight already. I want to do it every night for 4 years straight from now on. If I can walk on a daily basis, I would be a different person. It’s nice to find out I feel like less sleep when I walked. I really can’t find enough time to do all that I want. I want to seriously lose weight and get slim again. I’m telling myself, I only need to do exercise one time each day. If I could do it today, I just need to repeat it the other day. For enough repeated effort I will be slim again. So, if I can do this daily walk for a whole year, it would be a break through. Last time I did it for a month or two. This time I really want to keep doing it for a year. It would be a great 2018 if I could begin to lose a lot of weight.


You are still persevering indeed. Nice work.

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