I am med compliant, therefore I am happy

I have a friend that wants me to try stop taking meds…says he’s a sz and doesn’t need them, learned to beat “the triggers”…yeah right…I know I need to be med compliant…never will I stop taking my generic prolixin (fluphenazine).


Thats not your mate. If he knew you well enough - he would know that you need them.

he’s a conspiracy type believer…it’s ok…he means well…but he is astray in what he believes…I just listen to him anyways…I like him a lot but he’s just wrong about this.


Ohh conspiracies are a bad thing… I know lots of people which are into this thing.
Worst is when people have a cancer as an example and categorically refuses to take meds from cancer. I know such case…
Was an amazing elder woman, a sweet one.


I need to learn from you, I keep trying to reduce my dose or stop my meds. It never worked out.


A true friend would want what’s best for you not try to make you sick mental illness like schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are real and getting help is so incredibly important I’d be dead without my psych meds there’s zero chance it would work

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as descartes famously said,

“I clozapine therefore i am”


Juke box I totally agree with you that I really need the 750-800 mg Seroquel by mouth and my long acting injection. Just like you I’ve never felt better.
Let me just say that I don’t socially engage with people who are active alcoholics because I was a drunk 21 years ago.
Your friend is very dangerous company for you because a bad advice from him could destroy your health.
Do like me be hardless and avoid any company that can destroy your life of existence .
Your are mostly like the people that surrounds you.

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