I am lucky,not sure if it is for long

I find I have problems with premature ejaculation.I was having sex with my GF and I want to cum just 1-2min into penetration and it really worries me out.It might be caused by my psych meds,Luckily,my GF didn’t complaint,I hope she never really mind about this…
Anyway,I find that I can’t hold my urine for long these days,I wonder if I had some disease that causes my bladder to become weak?

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Could be a over active bladder, I have had that my whole life, recently I finally seen a Doctor about it and is under control finally, with meds

Oh do you have issue with PE while having over active bladder?

No just over active bladder, i doubt the two are related

I have been on meds that wrecked my bladder. Also a lot of psych meds are known to cause sexual dysfunction. I hope for you it is temporary!

It’s sucks.Wont be taking psych meds for more than 8 years…which means I hope to get off meds in another 4 years

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