I am lousy at my job and want to skip working out

Working out doesn’t improve my social skills and harm my concentration at work.Now I can’t concentrate at work and don’t want to workout because it affect my concentration ability at work,seriously

Sorry for the negative rant

I’m sorry. That sounds like a problem. Do you usually work out before work?

After work,at night…

Maybe an easier workout routine wouldn’t tire you out as much.

You can try weights, or cardio like jump rope (if you dont have downstairs neighbors)

maybe cut back the amount of time you exercise may help too.

I’ve been lifting weights since new year’s and have missed maybe a week or two. It only takes me 15-20 minutes to do a workout since I keep the sets low and the reps high. Here’s a record of my chest workout.

(bench press)(incline press)(flies)
[reps] x [weight in pounds]

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