I am looking for penpals. I have schizophrenia

My name is Tish & I live in Barbados in the Caribbean. I am white & 47 yrs of age. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2001 after experimenting with pot. I would like to chat to people in a similar situation…


Hi sunnybreeze. I would have been interested in penpals but unfortunately Im not well enough to start emailing regularly and Im not on the net often. But anyway, you should keep posting here, people are friendly and its a good place to a,make friends. Anyway, I love the Carribean. I have relatives in sunny Trinidad. Me, Im from Ireland, where a hot temperature is 20 Celsius!!

Hi Tish,

Welcome to the schizophrenia.com discussion forums. That is what these forums are for - basically lots of penpals talking here every day about challenges and successes that people have every day. We hope you’ll join in the conversation.

Barbados sounds like a great place from what I’ve heard. Do you like it there?

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I need penpals too! I can mail someone some good mixtapes!!

Sure, if you or anyone else here wants a pen pal you can send me a message anytime! I live up north in Canada.

@YakDip you can write me too :slight_smile:

Hi there

Barbados is a great island but just wish there was more to do & see. Only 200,000 people live here. Nice beaches though. Where are u from?

Hi Yakdip

Do u have an e-mail address? Maybe we could write there. I would love to hear your story sometime. Are u male or female & where are u from?

Hi zengarden

I used to go to school in Canada…Whitby Ontario for 3 yrs in the 80’s. Can we exchange e-mail addresses? I would love to hear all your news.

PM sent :smile: :sunny:

Awesome, sunnybreeze! I’ll send you a PM in just a bit :smile:

Take care!

Sure, I’ll send it in a message for you.

hey Karl
Too bad u are too ill to be my penpal. I hope u get better. Have faith my friend.

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HI. everybody. i also have scits, i experimented with every drug you can think of and as a result got servere schiz. im from new zealand.

Hi @sunnybreeze

I was also diagnosed with shizophrenia around 1999 - 2001 cant remember when now been so long ago…

I dont know if peeps still read this post since its been like 2 yrs…

I am now 37yrs old