I am looking for a letter penpal

to exchange letters with. and possibly meet one day, in like ten years.

any takers?

Oh yeah- here’s my personal description:

farts alot
eats Indian food alot
prays to Indian Jesus day and night

No jk I’m not Indian. But two of those things might or might not be true.

:v: do you have a guts to try it with me?
Farting I mean. No, Indian food. Hmm is Kamasutra Indian too??
OK then just penpaling :grin:

The karma sutra is Indian I believe, I have that book somewhere. I love yoga, even more after I saw that book!

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Please, we all know your real personal description!

Exclusively talks in a 20’s gangster voice, see!
Roller skates backwards on Tuesdays
Can hold his breath for up to ten seconds
Once ate an entire loaf of white bread
But yeah, farts constantly

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OK I’ll go first.


Sorry my handwriting. I’m so excited. :blush:

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Forty-seven years since I was forty-seven

Psh Nah, I’m not Finna Be Nobody I Ain’t If Ya Nom Sayin


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