I am little depressed

I did not sleep well the last night and now I am feeling little depressed. I try to be positive and currently I am listening to the world’s most famous classical music composers. It makes me feel better and more relaxed. I can not go riding my bicycle because the bicycle paths are not good. I remember those times when I was in Atlanta and went to many symphony music concerts. It was the different time in my life. I think I’ll be okay.


Have you ever thought of joining a club? Like there’s sports like cycling with other like minded people. Or social or games etc. It’s so easy in our modern world to isolate but we are social animals.

Just a suggestion. Sometimes loneliness can keep you away from people when you need some contact.

There are not many clubs in my little town. I belong to our local association of mentally ill people, but I have not gone to their building in this winter. I found my old hobby again. In the 1990s when I was in America I listened to classical music a lot. In the divorce 21 years ago all my classical music CDs went to my former spouse. I am happy we have YouTube and I can find many good classical music pieces there. Here is one that I am listening now.

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