I am leaving this forum

please close this thread

i will not come back till i regenerate and have girlfried

i am desperete who cares i will never have girlfriend

@anon48059102 draw something to calm down

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nahfds dsfsdfdsfdsfdsfd

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i just sit and watch to my pc dont want to do anything

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I liked your drawings, draw more and post here on the forum.

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not today the girl told she doesnt like that stuff, so i dont draw anymore

You shouldn’t change yourself over a girl.
If she doesn’t like art, so what? No one’s forcing her to make any!


i will change no matter what

I think @Pikasaur is right, do not let a girl to change your art, I think that you @anon48059102 are talented,

@anon48059102 Don’t be what someone else expects you to be, just be yourself and if they dont like it then find someone else.

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