I am learning to be mother Theresa

Working with people is the worst.

i need to control my emotional reaction on every stupid remark. It is devastating. I do my breathing technique after getting a hot flash and then reply the email as kindly and nicely as possible.

I need to shut up all the time because the client is always right. But they are abusive.

On saturday at the club there was an exotic dancer, she had a great body and made at least 120K a year.

My parents should’ve sent me to dancing school.


I understand what you mean about the client.

I also work with clients. I communicate a lot with them and you have to keep them thinking you are wrong and they are right. I just try sometimes to give them advises and to try to help them.

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yeah this is what I do. I guess I am just out of patience…
No motivation to persuade and help a lot.

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I think it’s funny that your post suggests you are learning to be like mother Theresa and ends with wanting to be an exotic dancer. There’s a full spectrum of femininity in here.


By mother Theresa, I mean like a saint… because I need to be in control all the time.

I do not like it.

I prefer to be an exotic dancer :dancing_women:

Nope. Some are downright freakin’ ■■■■■■■■. But we have to value their business as best we can until they cross that well-delineated boundary every company has that says we can’t.

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Perhaps burlesque, it’s classier?


someone is arguing with me for some pricing. she thinks my services is very expensive. I do not know what is her problem. she thinks I do this as a hobby from my grandfather’s basement.

My daughter’s piano teacher was apologizing to use for raising his rates by $5/hr this year. I told him I’m surprised he’s not charging $10/hr more. He’s THAT good. People don’t value quality.