I am isolating again

I am getting depress and just don’t want to see anyone.Felt so guilty for not socializing.Feel like dying


I feel ya there. Right there with you buddy. @Gtx1990

I feel guilty of not socializing and I just don’t feel like doing it.

Yeah same. Is it party becuase of anxiety or social phobias or something?

I have already been like this for many many years,I don’t know what’s the Reason

no reason to feel guilty over it. If you not in the mood to be social then it’s ok

I just feel unnatural about socializing,it has always been my greatest fear.It’s as bad s bungee jumping

yea i relate to that. I’m awkward when it comes to socializing too, and i avoid it mostly. But when i don’t have to do it, it is kinda ok for me.

Sorry to hear it’s making you feel guilty though

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