I am inbetween lazy and motivated

I have been awake since 2 am i worked a bit
I want to go out and walk for half the day today around town. I am lazy though

I know the feeling. You feel psychically lazy and you can’t but your mind says otherwise…

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You mean physically ??

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Lolll :joy::joy::joy: autocorrect

what are you some sort of spelling police :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not really :blush:

I had noticed the word “psychically” in the past in other sentences of yours and had always wondered what you meant. Now I know :smile:


spelling is not one of my plus points…

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Don’t worry. I can understand what you write like 99% of the time, but when I don’t, I press the red button, run around in circles and scream “she did it she did it”…


she did it huh? looools

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