I am in the process of applying to a university

I have already applied to a local state university. But I am still in the admissions process. I just sent my main transcript that has all my other colleges on it to the university I am applying to.

Fingers crossed I get accepted. They’re very veteran friendly and have a campus in my city.

Hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving. Thank you for reading and take care :v:


Awesome…what would you like to study?


I heard veterans get a lot of benefits in higher education. one of the reasons I wanted to join the army, years ago. happy planning, my friend!


Good luck, Chris! I think you’ll do an excellent job.

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I really want to study anything in the social sciences. Preferably history or psychology. The degree that I probably will go for though is ‘applied psychology.’

Thank you Patrick :slight_smile:

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Thank you Prince_Boring. Yes, the benefits are rather nice. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Rhubot I appreciate your positivity. I am pretty passionate about finishing up my bachelors. At this point I will finish it up in just about anything lol. :slight_smile:

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I totally get you. When I went back, they asked me what I wanted to major in, and I told them “degree completion.” Way easier as a grown up than as a kid, I think.


Exactly. When you’re grown up school is a lot more serious and your goals are more in sight.

The programs I applying to are degree completion programs as well. There’s only about five majors at this university’s satellite campus.