I am in sync with the universe

I am part of the universe and in sync with its motion. I see how energy flows in our world, and I am thankful to be a part of it. I understand my role in this vast universe is to learn and stay in sync.

Synchronicity with the universe helps me shape my goals and dreams.

It is a fundamental part of my being. It helps me achieve new heights and eliminate obstacles.

I see my destiny and know the path to find it is correct.

The universe’s vibrations are part of the natural world. I am in sync with them and at peace



Someone’s already copied what you wrote pedro ! The cheek !

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I like it. I sometimes feel this same way. I would like to be able to feel this more often. I would like to transcend the mundane world and be one with universe too. But I get weighed down by the realities of living. Someday I will perfect my ascent and willfully travel to and fro. That will be a great day for me.


yes @everhopeful my thread here is 100% what I feel I copyied and pasted it but I feel & know it

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am grateful my spirit aligns with the universe.

I see order appear out of the chaos in the world. I see peace appear in my own search for love. I understand how to stay in sync with the changes around me. I know how to shift my mindset to a different level.

Today, I see how I am in sync with the world. I pay attention to the little details around me and go with the flow of the universe.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find my balance in a tumultuous world with many challenges?
  2. What can I do to help my family and friends stay in sync with the universe?
  3. How can I keep anger and frustration from affecting my energy?
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I learned in 3rd grade from our teacher

not to look directly into the sun

and I listened

then we made infrared viewing out of a cardboard box and sheets of craft paper.

I leaned yesterday from a holy person

we have too become like God

nope. I’m not going there.

I’ll except science though.

and who created science and more?

science may be on a relative balance of what we perceive

and holy persons are on a template of misperceived.

not trying to piss you off.

I believe 100% in science

and i’m fully grateful for this

more praise to who created it

God given skills maybe

they have inside knowledge

some kids in high school can solve anything

given the tools, I’ve heard it happen.

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something to think about


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