I am in slavery

I feel like I can never sit and do nothing, like watch tv or listen to music. I feel like a slave because I never do anything except when I’m promoted by boredom. Boredom is one of the worst things I know. It’s a cold and black void. Luckily it’s not damp, lol, that’d be real bad. It’s too cold( emotionless )to be wet, it’s dry. I have to get by on my imagination. I have a strong work ethic, probably from my jobs a long time ago. It makes me worried to feel it but I felt it for awhile when I was only 13 years old.


i hope you find some more happiness and excitement than what you described.

we are slaves from what is in our minds.

free yourself man!!! hugs to ya, judy

No matter what I do - play games. Work on progress… like spent a lot of the day cleaning. Place looks nice. Sat down and looked around and just felt empty. Accomplishment didn’t make me feel anything. I don’t think boredom is the word. Its feeling nothing that sucks.


I used to feel this way. The pdoc put me on antidepressants which helped a lot. I still get bored now and then, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad. I get some positive emotion for doing things which makes all the difference.

I was on the ad for a good six weeks before I felt any change.


It’s called flat effect. This symptom is something that doesn’t get talked about until it obviously becomes a problem for everyone involved. In popular perception this isn’t even associated with mental illness.

This is an insidious trap. Flat effect has more negative impact on an individual’s ability to function and be productive than even hallucinations. Combined with the fact that it’s rarely exposed until after complete breakdown, it becomes a life changing issue for many.

Sadly, I have no solution. When I was in psychosis, no matter what I did, flat effect persisted. I also had just mountains of delusions and hallucinations on top of flat effect. Eventually it crushed me.

Nowdays I workout regularly. It seems to help with the flat effect and the mood. But it’s not the reason why I got better. I just suddenly became able to focus a little bit, which allowed me to put effort into the exercise. This is related to aging I believe.

What really made my flat effect reduce is still a mystery to me. I suspect it has something to do with just the burden of experience living as a schizophreniac and trying my best to analyze and deconstruct my own behavior and habits.



Your very knowledgeable
I feel flat effect like you explained so well it is like dragging a rhino all day

Ps your username is unusual?

It’s hard for me to tell if I get enjoyment out of anything. I feel like a comedic robot always trying to make myself laugh and experience enjoyment but nothing but a few giggles.

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i used to have the same issue with boredom!! i couldnt find a good thing about it and i hated it bc if i got bored i wasnt capable of doing anything and i get bored extremely easily. boredom is conducive to creativity so it really is smart fuel, its great. with not being able to do anything i can also relate, everytime i sit down to eat after i finish my food i dont know why but i cant stand up, i just sit there like if glued to the chair and do nothing forat least 5 minutes then somehow not of my will i just end up standing. very often i cant get myself to do anything at all but watch films which in a way also accounts to doing nothing because i just sit there and stare at my tv. it has gotten far better but it used to be i would seldom get around to doing anything productive and always ended up falling asleep. that kind of inertia i still have but not as bad anymore, someone who had inertia told me it went away once they got on meds

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ive had exactly this happen to me, once when i couldnt do anything i forced myself kind of literally dragging myself across the place and just did a lot of chores hoping it would motivate or satisfy me but i felt no better i felt nothing really.

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