I am in a good mood today because things are looking good, because

My body has slowly been adjusting to the meds and my state of mind is slowly improving too
I think in 3 months time I will be ready to start working again. I already have it planned out.

It will be great because it will be a temporary part time job until I feel ready to do full time work with another company. Don’t wanna say jobs cos of privacy.

Time to get more independent!!

Those who are working whilst on aps do you have any tips to cope well with working?



Congratulations Butterfliezzz! :butterfly: :sunflower:

I need to get a little part time job, but the whole Covid pandemic has sort of thrown a wrench into things.

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Good luck with that I’m sure you’ll find one at some point :star2: I think it will feel satisfying to be working.

And thankyouuuu!!!

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Do you have any idea what kind of job you would like to look for or is it private?

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Oh no worries!

I would love to work in a video store, but here in the US there aren’t many of those left, unfortunately.

Maybe I can go back to school for computers and do something related to that.

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Plan ahead. I try to anticipate what things can go wrong ahead of time because I’ll occasionally blank out on under stress when dealing with customers. I’ve got a binder with the most common scenarios and what to do in them on my desk. When I blank out on what to do, I can quickly flip to the scenario I’m in and remind myself of the next steps to get back on track. It keeps me from looking like a putz on the phone!

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yea that is a good point. I find writing out what if scenarios will provide me with some more confidence on the job.

What kind of work are you looking for, if you don’t mind my asking?

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I don’t feel comfortable to share that on here for privacy reasons.

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Oh, no worries. I hope that whatever you wind up doing goes well for you.

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Thanks MrSquirrel!

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