I am having negative feeling,thoughts

I just find time hard to pass by,I am thinking a lot and just can’t be less negative :frowning:

hey gtx :slight_smile: how are you?

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Hey there,I guess I am doing ok.At least I didn’t get the virus or hurt myself in anyway.My mood is getting bad,I don’t have hope or things that I can look forward

I got angry at my wife,but for a reason which I felt I could have hold on to my anger

is there anything you can do to cheer your self up to give you a better mood?

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I think being alone will be better,I have been by myself for so long.

alone with your wife?

is there nothing you are interested in? maybe try something, listen to music

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Ty.Sorry,I am having a lot of negativity thoughts

Its ok but you need to try and break out of it, try distracting yourself, do you have any coping techniques?

My good habit is exercise,and appearing at work.The covid 19 had prevented me to going to work,but I still workout regularly.

I use electronic cigarette,it relaxes me and sometimes I read or play mobile games

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yeah, i kind of know how you feel, you probably had a good routine going with going to work and that can be a big change esp if it helped you feel good,

I didn’t have a job but i volunteered at my clubhouse and i took my mum out so it was like a job and it helped, now its like blah but i guess we got to try and make the best of this situation somehow.

Having a job is good,but i think winner doesn’t hold on to a job,they are productive,have goals and stay healthy

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