I am having coffee

I have not been on the forum much for the past two weeks. Now I am trying to recover from the flu I have had for one week. I am now having coffee, this is a little unusual because I typically do not have coffee in the afternoon because caffeine may hamper my sleep. I am looking forward to spring and the end of this winter so that I could ride my bicycle more.


I don’t often enjoy tea in afternoon
But I love my morning cuppa


I retired early last night (different for me), and woke early this morning. I feel great. I’ve already said all my prayers. I’m drinking a cup of coffee and everything is fine, fine, fine. I’m getting ready to meditate in just a little while. I think I’m going to practice piano and do yoga earlier in the day today too.


I am also looking forward to spring. I love getting out and walking my dog at state parks. The one place i go to has a bike rental place, i just might have to try this sometime this summer.
I was finally able to take my dog for a long walk yesterday, it was very nice. It was only in the low 30’s though so my face sure did feel it.
I saw three deer hanging around an outhouse for some reason. One was even laying down for awhile. People kept taking pictures of them.


Oh, how beautiful!!!


I love Coffee white no sugar i like Colombian yourself?

Game of Thrones Catch Up for me then Boxing/Weights!

I usually have coffee in the morning too, with milk.

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