I am happier with a normal wife than a schizophrenic wife

When I was married to a schizophrenic we were both unstable most of the time and made some horrible mistakes financially…now I’m married to a normal and I love that she keeps me stable…she is the reason I was “talked out of” believing that there was a spirit portal in my bedroom…this delusion was with me all through my first marriage. big relief.


Haha I guess sometimes normies aren’t so bad :grinning:


My ex-wife had an undiagnosed anxiety disorder, wouldnt leave the house lol. I was pro-dromal back then so i was as nutty as a fruitcake as well.

Im surprised it lasted 2 years.

Bless you emma x. She is one hell of a mother to my little one x


@Naarai I’m so sorry you got divorced…I thought my life was over when I got divorced…

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@jukebox Oh Trust me, i was depressed for years over it, especially the daughter. But i got over it in the end.

Its all good now. I’ve become a grumpy selfish bachelor lol. :smiley:


don’t give up on love dude…it’s never too late to love again.

Sometimes divorce is for the better. I wish my sister would leave her current husband. They are so unhappy and do nothing but argue. The kids are feeding off of it and have begun lying at an early age. And always argue. She would be better off without him.

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I wish i had a wife. I know im young (27) but i think it would help with anxiety. And also encouragement or confidence in times of need


Its not to late for a wife! I dont want one. Im happier alone. Although from time to time i do get lonely and wish i had someone to talk to. But i usually just get on the forum or text my friend.


One Tasmanian devil in a home is bad enough. Can’t imagine two.


Same about a non sz husband.


My ex wife and I were both extremely unstable during our relationship and marriage.

She was probably more unstable than me.

Those years were rough.

She suffered with neurological disorders and would get these debilitating migraines where she’d dissociate.

She also was extremely abusive and suffered with a severe case of borderline personality disorder.

I’m glad that it ended in divorce and there’s a part of me that feels sorry for her.

But man was she mean.


My rule of thumb…Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself. It works for me.


You mean it’s over between us?!?



I won’t get married nor will I have kids, I dont need additional burden to my life. I can barely take care of myself and if i cant, my mom helps me. Also im 28 years old and officially disabled on papers, so no one is really interested in me

I’m a schizophrenic wife. What’s wrong with me? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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