I am going to try

Just saw an ads the government is recruiting people who do special education. I want to try. I wish to work in special education to help other people with disability.


Good, that sounds like a noble cause.

Wish me luck! I will be working in a grade lower than in the past. But I will be working in the same field for the same group of service receiver.

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Good luck :smile: I’m sure you’ll do fine

wish you good luck, goggles. I believe you can do it well.

Good luck!


Glad your going to give it a go…

Good luck and wishing the best for you

I have sent an application. I declare that i have a disability. Will seat for examinations.

I dont know if they would give me a chance, but at least I’m trying.


That’s what I do too! And as I help my kids, they help me to not focus on myself. I’m happy for you! Hope you and the kids you get to work with are all blessed. :slight_smile:

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