I am going to try something different

I have been more and more concerned… upset… miffed? … about the John and Riley situation. (The youngest bro and the kid sis) He’s been out of residential rehab for a few weeks now but he’s still leaving notes on the kid sis’s car… just rambling rants and diatribes about how all his problems are ALL her fault.

I’ve been getting up early and when I see a letter on her car I just walk out and calmly stash it away. I also block calls here. But this is just persistent and tiring. I’ve just put more locks on the doors and stop answering the phone again and I hand the stack of letters over to the parents so they can see I’m not being paranoid.

I’ve been inspired by some of the posters here who have stood their ground. I am going to try it. I think it’s time to try something different and some how find a way to stand my ground and put a line in the sand. Just not sure how I’m going to do that yet.

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I have had to stand my ground before, mostly as a youngster, and I never regretted it. People know when they’re out of line, they just keep acting out of line because they figure you won’t do anything to stop them.

People can be assholes, basically.

Sorry that’s what it has come to with your brother, but he is out of line. I am not a pacifist myself, if someone screws with me, that’s their problem which they gave to themselves, that’s how I see confrontation.

But then again I tested in the 75th percentile for psychopathic deviance a year ago so maybe my advice isn’t sound. LOL

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I’m not sure what he’s hoping to do with this letter campaign. Sometimes I’m thinking it’s the only way he knows how to communicate anymore. letter after letter. I do remember my anger phase when I was in group hospital and trying to reach out, (in a negative way)

But what we’re doing now is obviously not working at steaming the tide of tirade. I can’t beat him up. One, he’s a younger sib, two, he’s a better fighter then I am. :wink:

I’ve got find a way to do this without throwing a punch.

I think you have put a line in the sand. In your own way you are standing up for your sister by calmly not accepting certain behaviors and actions. Not accepting the phone calls is one way of drawing that line. Giving the letters to your parents is another way. These actions state that you do not approve of the behavior. :thumbsup:


i think giving the letters to your parents is a great idea!!!

riley is a nice name like it!

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