I am glad that I have never tried any illegal drugs

I am soon 49 years old and in my younger years I traveled a lot and then lived over two years in my auto in America, but I have never seen any illegal drugs. Once in 2000 in Miami there was a young woman distributing some ‘Happy pill’ in the front of one bar and I assumed these were ecstasy pills and I threw it away. I am happy that I have never even seen any illegal drugs, and you?


You should be happy about that!
I’ve done a lot of drugs. It’s generally not worth it.


I am too poor to have drugs.

There is plenty of legal stuff with which to get into trouble.


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I have never done any but I have seen a lot. Most of my extended family has or has had drug issues. When I was a kid, my aunt would take me with her on her pickups. Then as a pre-teen I was staying with her and help her bf help her off heroine. My husband has a drug past. My issue with it has always been mind control - call it a delusion or just paranoia - but I never did it cuz I didn’t want it to take over my thinking.

I’ve never done hard drugs…but being a sz teen with no idea what’s wrong and feeling ashamed of it all…I turned to drugs to cope with it…I’m glad I’m diagnosed and on real meds now…I wish I would a got help sooner…


Same exact situation here

I don’t regret doing drugs…I wish I could take back 2 or 3 experiences with them…but that comes with playing the games, yes??

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i did drug when i was teen…!!!:alien:

I have more regrets about drinking alcoholically than drugs

Doing drugs is an attack on the norms of society and the mind

Doing alcoholic drinking is an attack on the mind body and soul


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I would agree…it seems alcohal is lots of peoples bane…it seems hard to quit too…I wish you luck and congrats on making it this far …


I’m glad I have limited drug experience. I liked the drugs I tried too much and know I would have become addicted if I had have kept doing them or trying different ones.

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Drugs are bad mmmkay…but ■■■■ some of them are fun lol pks and weed…

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I’ve never done illegal drugs, though i grew up with it.

Percocets are you talking about? Do you call them blues where you live? Because perc 30s are blue

That’s what all the cool kids do around here…seriously though. I stay away from that stuff. Weed may trigger voices and stuff but at least it’s not addictive so I’m glad I only stayed with psychedelics, even though I’m probably the most hopeless case in history if I were off my meds as a result…fortunate meds do me well though.

Naw I stay away from high mg…ten mg is as high as I go…it gets very addictive doing any more then 1 ten…yea they call em blues here too…I stay with loratab 5s or tens…but just 1 maybe once a week…gotta limit that ■■■■ hard…I’ve been addicted before… so my will power gotta be on point I refuse to be owned by a drug ever again…

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I’ve never done illegal drugs either. In fact I’ve only had alcohol a handful of times and smoked a cigarette once. Apparently it is a rarity among sz. I still don’t get why people do shrooms. My hallucinations suck terribly so my opinion on that is a little skewed.

never tried drugs, but was an alcoholic. Sober for 12yrs now.


It’s amazing to me that you have never done drugs. With the type of experiences you’ve had and all the traveling you’ve done and all the people you’ve met, it’s just mind boggling that you managed to stay drug free.

I don’t endorse drugs because I’m a recovering addict and have seen too many lives wrecked by drug use and drinking but in all honesty I had some good times on drugs. I’m just being honest. But If I had a choice to live my life all over again I would not do drugs.

Went to high school with the new ‘product’ called CRACK and the Crips who moved to mid-west together to make a gang and sell it.

Lived in city and watched dealing at the apartment complex and in iffy neighborhood where I chose to rent cheaply…

We had plenty of jobs when I graduated high school and route right into university. I refused to even touch any illegal drugs as it immediately makes it impossible to support yourself with work and can ruin you forever. I got out of abusive childhood just by keeping clean and almost stayed gone except for money problems in my hometown and had to return to the parents as the local predatorial males were not leaving women to live alone and work. Males here will get you fired and no unemployment… I will do a bit of social drinking but that’s about it as socializing is required for my work sometimes.

There is nothing amazing here, I have just never associated myself with people who have used drugs, none of my past friends have ever used drugs. You just do not visit places where drugs are and so on, and in that way you never see any drugs in your life. Maybe my religion has also something to do with that, my grandmother was a Jehovah’s Witness.