I am geting ready to retire

I have had the same job for over 33 years
I was DX’d after I got the job. Now it is time to retire. I hope it works out for me. I have been battling schizophrenia and anxiety since I was 30. Sometimes it gets the best of me. Not working amymore will, I hope, make me worry less. I just wanted to share.


Hey matey.Remember you from the old days. Very impressed that you’ve gotten so far. All I know is if you retire is to keep yourself going in life. Find a hobby or something to do especially physically to keep you in good health. Well done matey. Hope it goes well for you.


Hey man, what a record! 33 years, that’s cool, I don’t know many people in life schizophrenic or not who hold a job that long. You deserve retirement, it’s time for relaxation!


Happy retirement!

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I have been retired for a couple of months now. I did not forsee the Corona virus shutdown. There are not many places to go or much to do. I hope this ends soon.


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