I am fragile

Imagine a big bald bearded 240pounds 183 cm guy all muscles having a panic attack from a Facebook video… That’s me right now

Violence, injustice, abuse of force, poverty and many other make me anxious as hell

I cant wait to be done with school and quit Facebook forever

Why do you need Facebook for school?

I don’t use it. It’s useless.

I am fragile or do I have a weak mind, I am usually calm and at times terrorized, I feel like I am the only one

It’s not a good social platform, bad people use it to spread lies which cause trouble for folk. Even if its useful for folk in one social circle, in other places bad people are using the site to spread propaganda which hurts innocent people who have never even had electric lights in the household,.

That is not good, and not much good is coming of it even in the parts of the world where folk experience much less friction in day to day life.

Some people have argued that technological advancement in the form of the internet just accentuates differences between rich and poor. Not good. We already feel bad enough about our situations without seeing how much better life is “for them over there”. That is not connection, that is reality busting, weird and unnatural …voyeuristic.

Hopefully we can keep it all together.

Facebook is basically a crock of ■■■■, put up a little neutral profile with nice pictures of you at graduation and saving babies from burning buildings if you are in school and hoping for future employment.

Things can come back to bite you if you’re not careful…

I have the disease and may never work, so that may not be as much of an issue for me, and I don’t really get up to anything which couldn’t be explained away as just boring loner nonsense.

In any case, I’m too paranoid to even post anything on there, so its just not gonna happen. I mean, you can’t get fired over listening to lame music and taking meds and living at home with mommy and daddy forever, which is what I pride myself in doing, as an awesome dude through and through…

And I can’t remember to post things or do anything because of the disease.

John Oliver’s show painted the effects the site had in a negative light. I just don’t wanna be a part of something which makes me feel terrible and causes a lot of trouble for folks.

By “a lot of trouble” I mean, straight up causes innocent people to be in mortal danger, and teaches others that the internet is just a platform for boasting and one-up-manship and pageantry and the awkward discomfort that comes with suddenly seeing and knowing what life is like for other people who aren’t in the same walk of life as you are.

You are not crazy for feeling that way, it is a first in the history of the human race…

It is not a natural way for folk to communicate with others or to promote themselves, and for me, a mentally ill person, none of these websites or anything they do make me happy at all.

Not…one…little…bit. :triumph:

Avoid triggers and keep surviving.

Keep surving…keep surviving…keep surviving…you can do it! I can do it to and we all can make it and it’s gonna be okay!

Keep smiling! :grin:

Life is what you make it! Never EVER stop fighting!

having panic attacks isnt for the weak…its a mental condition anyone can get. Don’t be embarrassed my brother, you are a strong man.

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I am fragile too man.

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