I am fighting to believe in the spirit portal again...hear me out

I have been having nightmares about Julie the past few couple of nights…I sent her to the light…all I can do is believe she needed me…one time when I was about seventeen I dreamed my next door neighbor friend died fighting saber tooth tigers in armour…woke up the next morning and he was dead…!! I am touch with the spirit world whether I believe it or not.



Isn’t There A Computer Game Called ‘Portal’?..

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!

It’s not surprising that you would dream of Julie,

She’s been on your mind a lot.

I know you struggle with thinking about this portal delusion,

Just like I struggle with thinking my house is haunted.

We have to keep thinking logically and recognize them as delusions.

There is no portal,

There are no ghosts.

thanks @goldenrex I have seen my grandfathers ghost at the time he died and I will never forget the sound of drawers in my bedroom opening and closing…what do you say about that?

I believe in the spirit world but I tend to obsess over it when I’m unwell mentally.

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I’ve seen and heard a lot of things that didn’t happen.

It’s the illness.

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actually it did happen, and both lanterns got blown out at the same time and my grandfather was sitting across the room which looked just like he had a sheet over him and then my dog wagged his tail against the floor and I looked down and then I looked up and he was gone.

I know how it is,

I have a hard time with stuff like that too.

But I think it’s healthier to focus up on something else and try not to think about the paranormal.

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What would be more of value to you? Dwelling on these thoughts or maybe a series of paintings…There are many possibilities.?

What does that mean - Fighting to believe ?



Anyone Tryout The Game?.

Is It Any Good?.

I Don’t Even Play Video Games…, Jus Curious.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

I think there is definitely a spirit world but I don’t know how much it actually impacts our daily lives.

There may be paranormal. I’m not sz, I only have psychosis, but sometimes when I go to bed I hear external voices, kind of like tuning into a conversation, it’s like they are talking without knowing someone is listening.

Sorry for your loss, man. Hoping time heals this wound for you.


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thanks @pixel I realize now after this thread that I shouldn’t reopen the spirit portal barrel of monkeys again…keeps me stressed and I am already stressed which is probably why this flare in a residual belief I’ve fought for many years…thanks everyone…

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Well, old symptoms and delusions will come roaring back when you’re under stress and losing a loved one for sure puts you there. Don’t beat yourself up, just do what you can to counter the thoughts and seek out some help if you need it. Never a bad thing to reach out to your support network.


If you have schizophrenia most people will dismiss the experience of ghosts off the bat. I’m sorry you have lost so many, but I believe you. I think that certain levels of our perceptions are protected against this. Don’t dwell or replay it in your mind, let it go and move beyond it. You can’t help anyone if you can’t heal yourself. I have found balance with my beliefs, and insight into spiritual and unknown. Well wishes.

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