I am feeling stressed out

I guess i am tired,my destroyed my diet and i just feel sad.I consumed more sugary stuff and playing more games, cant help but like to immerse myself into video games.When i play,i felt guilty too…

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Exercise helps stress.

It doesn’t help to beat yourself up. Try limiting the amount of time you play to only one or two hours a day. Make plans to do something out of the house, like go for a walk or visit your local park. Spend time fixing up your house and cleaning. Do positive things with your time that don’t involve video games. Then when you do play you will have earned that time and you won’t have to feel guilty anymore.


i am like all or nothing.I couldnt play abit and stop,when i finished things that are productive and start reward myself playing abit,i play more and more and end up when i am at

i was very productive for 2-3 month,reading exercising,not gaming and diet well controlled.Now i am in a rut…

Try not to be so hard on your self. We all fall short in some way. Give yourself a break.


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