I am feeling ambitious

i just listened to a u-tube on and by elyn saks and I am feeling inspired.

I want to be an educated somebody even if it means informal education (i.e. on my own).

I probably should aim towards higher functioning level by increasing my hours at work.

it’s hard but it can be done.

what about you guys? ambitious this summer? for your futures?



My ambitions are to live happily and peacefully …!!!

and why not far cry? have you been feeling better lately? I hope so. judy :relieved:

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I am on mixed episode…i have to be really strong…!! Thats a only solution to improve my self esteem.!!!

I feel happy cuz u make me …thanks judy …!!

Elyn Saks IS inspirational. You have to know your limits. It is good to try some of the things you think you can do but haven’t done. Temporary enthusiasm is good for what it is, but it doesn’t DO anything in the long run.

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I was also inspired by Elyn saks she’s one of my role models. I’m pretty ambitious too but I tend to be more of a dreamer than a doer unfortunately.