I am feeling a lot of pain at the moment ...Irritation anger confusion hostility panic and anxiety ..! Is it sign of mood disorder

I am not figuring it out properly !!! is it a mood disorder or just depression with mixed anxiety …!!!
U can put down ur views and most welcomed …!!

sorry I dont know what it is but I wish you better soon buddy

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I’ve got no advice. Could be anything. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, though. Hopefully it doesn’t last long.


In all honesty it could be either, it would be best to talk about it with your doctor. In the mean time just try and cope with the symptoms you are experiencing rather than worrying about what they could be a sign of.

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You don’t need to figure it out, it just is. Do whatever you need to do to be calm and to feel safe. And talk with your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes all the bad feelings surface at once but they never last forever.

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