I am failing intro to biology

I don’t know if it’s the meds or the illness, but I just can’t seem to pay good attention on the weekend labs.

We had a test yesterday, over the labs, and I was SO embarrassed. But I did what I could remember and turned my sheet in.

We still have a couple months to go, so hopefully I can raise my grade. I did do some extra credit worth 10 points.

Wish me well friends. I really need it :confused:


We’re rooting for you. Hopefully you’ll do better next time. Is there anyway of taking notes during the labs, or is that not allowed?

Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. I wish you luck with the rest of the course.

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i hope you can pass, it sounds like something that you enjoy, good luck :slight_smile:

Yes, notes are allowed. That’s a great idea! Thank you :smiley:

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Thank you @anon84763962 hopefully I can bring my grade up this week. :slight_smile:

I am enjoying it so far. Thank you very much for the positivity :slight_smile:

I found that the entry level bio labs were mainly about strict, verbatim memorization of exactly what does what.

I would try reading the material over and over again, just like scripture- this is because it sort of is like scripture for scientists, particularly medical scientists- it is sort of like their ABC’s. They use basics of their field to save lives, and other sciences use basics of the field to do very serious things as well, such as psychology- resisting torture is basic psychology 101 stuff, for example. It may just be white blood cells do this or that to you, but that stuff becomes very serious very quickly when applied in professions, hence why it is known as a hard major.

Good luck, and that is awesome that you are in school!


Thank you so much @mortimermouse !

That is great and sound advice :smiley:

Hi @Chrishasheart. I am in college for the first time and I am pretty sure I have to study 2 hours for everybody else’s hour due to my illness and meds. I commend you for being in school! I read, use flash cards to remember and then re-read. Don’t know if that apples to you or not but thought I’d toss it out there. Might be you just need more study time than most. My very best to you.


It helped me to recite and review my notes until I knew them without having to review them.

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Hi @47average thank you very much. I am sure you will do great in college :slight_smile: Speaking of flashcards, my teacher actually has some of those available on the class website.

Take care :v:

I got a whiteboard and dry erase marker. Then rewrote notes over and over until I memorized them. Like @mortimermouse said I found they were verbatim memorization.


Also if you are a visual learner mind maps might help you learn. They helped me.

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Yeah when I get home today I am going to start taking massive notes. Especially on the enzymes and cells part. There’s so much to memorize in that part.

The challenge is we have covered five chapters in the first two weeks. (It was a late start class). And we’re already on chapters 6 through 9.

Therefore I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you.

I remember doing these in middle school. GREAT idea!

Thank you @Skims :slight_smile:

Sometimes taking massive notes doesn’t help. Have you learned how to study for college exams? Do a google search on how to read and take notes from college textbooks.


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Also if you have time, taking an assessment like this one below might help… It shows you what type of learner you are and gives you ways to make optimal use of your study time.


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I got auditory and visual. That was very helpful. Thank you!

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I got visual too. I bet a lot of people get visual