I am evil... i FEEL IT

I feel i complain about people way more than i did before. i have no idea why and i want to stop but i feel i let it get out of control. Usually i complain about these people to my bf or here but that’s about it

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Why do you think you complain about peopleso much.


You’re not evil. Everyone needs an outlet to vent. Think of yourself like a pressure cooker. No venting to let off steam leads to explosion!


People’s annoy me :pleading_face:

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Usually people that call themselves good are evil, so maybe you’re wrong, it often happens

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The only time I thought you were evil is when I made a great joke on a thread of yours and it didn’t get a “like” from you.

Maybe you’re just going through a critical phase in your life.
Maybe the problem is that as you get older, you “suffer fools less gladly.”

My phase is that more and more I think most of the world are idiots.

You’re not evil, you know you aren’t, maybe that feeling is just indigestion.


I don’t feel evil. But I do get upset about the ignorance and arrogance of other people.

That does not change who I am.

I am Brit-ish, ish.

Who others are, does not determine who you are.


I’m not a big people kind of person.
I know that there is a good mix of all different kinds of people out there, good and bad.

But I must admit there’s a lot of self centered narcissistic types out there.

You are not evil @anon80629714, just maybe a bit sensitive like me.

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I’m selfish. That’s why my husband divorced me.

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Listen to guns and roses “live and let die”, then it will all make sense.

Great song it is by the way.

IMO it’s just brain irritation. Something is inflaming your brain and stressing you out, and you’re projecting it onto other people.

I was super angry in general before treating my chronic headache, but after 2 months of alkaline water it went away, and I feel much kinder now that my brain isn’t so inflamed.

Or Paul McCartney who originally wrote it and performed it as the title track for the 1973 James Bond film “Live and Let Die.”


As long as you don’t bury a hatchet in someone’s head I wouldn’t worry about being evil. You might suddenly find yourself very alone, and that can be excruciating, but we care about you on this site.

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