I am disappointed

Go to hell



Again unhappy with mental services?

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If it was them I’d be telling them that


I don’t really understand your posts.
What are you mad about exactly?


I am mad about everything


Life is fundamentally unfair.

No need to be overly angry.

Have you ever followed an anger management class?

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You can’t solve everything like that. Intervention = nonsense


It could give you some tips and tricks.

Anyway, it’s up to you.

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Anger management was incredibly helpful for me. Vastly improved my quality of life. Others have noticed a profound difference, especially my wife. Can I recommend anger management workbooks to start with, at least?

Back me up here @Ninjastar.

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I have been wasting my time

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I am unemployed, on benefits, losing my life savings, on trial by mental health services, no friends, unable to afford my home, put on 20kgs in 6 months and meds are not helping me as much as they used to

Think I am within my rights to be angry about that, and I don’t think more therapy is the answer

Everything I do sucks, and I am not going to spend the rest of my life doing absolutely ■■■■ all

I am sick of it.

There is ■■■■ all opportunity here now, as is the case for so many people

Everywhere you look this is a ■■■■■■■ joke, and this reality can get ■■■■■■ as I am not a willing participant

Used to have better outlook and motivation for sure, but I do not see why I should have to do anything more with my life as it’s broken and ■■■■■■■ ■■■■

The only good thing in my life is my dog, who I am prepared to look after all his needs. Everything else can ■■■■ itself

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Are you on a mood stabilizer @Joker?
They could help calm things down a bit

I can relate to you
I am really in a bad mood these days
Somone stole half of my life savings
And I am not able to defend myself I feel terrified and I dont the power like normal people to defend myself


I wish I could help you. Myself I have been in bed 24/7 for yrs since I am on Risperidone. Drs say there is no treatment for negative symtpoms and that I should be happy for staying in bed 24/7 which made me gain 170+lb. Its ridiculous.


I would take it one baby step at a time.

Can you reduce your smoking or start walking daily? Can you volunteer?

Find a realistic small goal and go for it.

Did you already hear back from your interview?

Nope. I am not going to take any more meds. Somehow I have to deal with things as they are.

More than. No one should be expected to be happy with that as a treatment outcome.

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That sucks. Really sorry that has happened to you :frowning:

My smoking has increased now I am not sleeping all the time thanks to the last med I was on…

They replied to my email today and said 7-10 days :frowning:


I hope you get some good news in the coming week.

If you feel like crap like this for long I would go back on an AD.