I am disappointed in my new NP

A couple days ago my therapist called and wanted me to see the nurse practitioner. He was pushy about getting me in ASAP so I agreed to the appointment I went to today despite me telling him I have enough meds for a month. I went to see her and it was fine at first, I told her that I am a part-time student with a job, and since my manic episode I realized I don’t need antipsychotics since stopping them cold turkey caused it. I thought she respected my decision until she tried to get me on Abilify. She educated me and said that it doesn’t have side effects, and that SHE PRESCRIBED THEM TO CHILDREN WITH ADHD! Of course she never told me how they would benefit me until I asked, she said it would help with the anxiety and paranoia after I explained that those things don’t bother me all that much. I realized that she wasn’t listening to me because when I called her out she ignored my point and kept talking. Funny enough I am most paranoid in the psych office because I know they can find a reason to hospitalize me and put me on an injection. I think I am doing to find a new doctor, I will not tolerate dishonesty that comes from not being taken seriously. In the beginning of the week I had no paranoia, but after speaking with my therapist and that encounter I do, I want nothing to do with pdocs or NPs anymore.


I think if you find a new pdoc or NP, you should, in a very kind/friendly tone, let them know you need them to explain their plans to you, be honest, and at least hear you out in regards to decisions made for your mental health.

Let the know in exchange you will be honest and forthright with them.

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I do that as standard, that is why I am so angry. When you doctor thinks that because you have a diagnosis you must have no insight into your illness and it is justified to manipulate you to take medications, they cannot help you because they will treat any complaint they don’t agree with as being from the illness.

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That’s terrible that you were kindly assertive and they still didn’t treat you right. I too hate that it’s assumed that mentally ill people have low intelligence, no insight, and that they can’t have physical illness if they have mental illness. Stigma sucks

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If your doctor thinks their patients are beneath them then the end result is putting everyone on APs, 6 year old children included in the case of my NP. I explained that I did not want to take APs anymore and why, how I overcame my most severe manic episode a month ago without hospitalization and only Lithium but she just ignored all of it and asked if I wanted to try Abilify without providing a reason. I am so pissed, but what to you expect when she admitted to drugging up children with heavy psych meds to keep their parents happy.

It sounds like she’s just not a good fit for you. I think it’s good you’re looking for a better dr.

I am just going to take Lithium from an online pharmacy and pay for blood work through my GP and insurance or my own pocket. Not willing to take any other med.

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