I am concerned about a member of the forum

Is anyone else emailing @anon40540444?

He was on an immune suppressing medication and he got a stomach bug from the hospital (he suspects). I haven’t heard from him since June 13th. I hope someone will come forward and say he is okay.

Otherwise, I am worried.

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I think he has MS and could be busy with treatment options

Hopefully it isn’t serious. He does have MS, but he’s been struggling more with the Sz.

I did not know about the stomach bug - Jeez, I hope Hes OK.

I have not heard from him in a while.

I know Hes been struggling with SZ

He called me on my birthday but I was busy and couldn’t answer- I last heard from him on the 14th. I’ll give him a call this weekend when I’m not busy, it’s been a while.

He’s probably alright- he didn’t say he had anything going on last time I heard from him, he seemed pretty fine.

He recently went on haldol I think, he felt it simply worked. Maybe he’s enjoying being a bit better.

Haldol Under Myne Own Personal Circumstance Was A Friggin NITEMARE (!!!) ,

But Tha Plus Side Is ,

If It Is Side Effects From Haldol They Will “ween” Him Off and He’ll Be Good In Half A Week …

Okay thanks. At least you can report back if anything is wrong.

Everyone else, thank you for your replies and concern.

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**Hope you are doing ok @anon40540444!
Sending you good thoughts! :penguin: **

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