I am bored

I am bored. What to do?

Watch a DVD! Or play some videogames.

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I already played a few hours ago with friends. I can’t play video games alone, I wish I could. I could watch Simpsons or Family Guy but I don’t feel like it.

Forum is empty too.


The say anything was pretty active up until a few minutes ago.


Can you walk outside and bring the mail in?

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I can’t get out of bed. Even if I could its -20C outside.

Wax your mustache then. Go outside and talk to the birds.



That’s part of the deal of walking outside. One has the suit up for the weather.

I’m not big on doing things. In my world, there’s enough things that want some doing, however.

I want to have sex with women, so there’s a lot of things that want to be done. I want to bathe and keep a car running, for example.

I was a young adult with schizophrenia living at home and would say to my Mom, “I’m bored.” She would tell me to do the laundry. Later on in my life, it was advantageous that I knew all the tasks of running a household.


That makes it more fun!

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