I am beyond tired

But the homecare lady doesn’t come here to give me my meds for another 2 hours. I wish my pdoc would give me the okay to take them by myself. I don’t blame him. I’m not exactly trustworthy

At least they come to you, would suck if you had to go to their office

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Oh that would. Then I would never take them.

I wanted to watch “maniac” but I’m too tired to concentrate

Given your history it is a good thing they come. Why are you so tired? Poor sleep?

I sleep way too much and then not at all. It’s crazy

I go to the sleep clinic tomorrow, they figure I’m not taking in enough oxygen which causes you to be tired all the time

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sorry dear…I am relieved they dole out your meds…you need to be stable and happy a while longer before I would think you’re out of the woods.


I have a cpap machine but I rarely use it because it gives me panic attacks

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