I am beseiged by

my daughter and her friends. a group of teenaged girls squeeling in the house . My wife has left for the day to help her sister can tomatoes. So I am the honorary manager for the day lol.
Its a hard months for me depression wise so maybe they are helping keep me alive. Nonetheless, I feel like Im hosting a sorority retreat and Ive lost control. Reminds me of a bad movie .


Take them some sort of snack or beverage every half hour and otherwise leave alone. They’ll think you’re amazing because food.


I would find a quiet spot and put on some headphones.

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They cooked lunch and had snack for themselves. My only hope at this point is for them to wash the plates and pots that they used.
But I like the way you think.


That’s funny! :joy:

But when my brother brings over his daughters I feel the same way. I’m completely exhausted when they leave.

Best of luck !


Teenagers - they’ve already burned it off.

Teens doing their own dishes is a sign of the End Times. Be careful what you wish for.


Thanks peeps, I wont get to dishes tomorrow morning if i have to do them so Im praying she wont want her mother to see the mess and enlist a girlfriend to help her do them.

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My trick was to offer to buy the girls a slushie each if they did dishes. I’d give them the $$$ when they finished. Worth it.

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Ahh Bribery at its best. Thats a common technique of mine. I may just slide that into the conversation. Dont know why I didnt think of it!


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