I am at the mercy of my parents, anyone here who doesn't have the right to have his own money with free access?

I honestly don’t know what medicine can make you negative symptoms so bad that you can’t get out of bed and you are able to get out of bed without medicine lol, I was on risperidone 6 mg for literally 2 months and I do have a lack of motivation but not enough to stop me from exercising and going on my daily life.

There are also plenty of people I see in my hospital on the same dose of medicine or on olanzapine,haloperidol(which is supposed to make your negative symptoms even worse) but they move well and exercise normally as well. I have not seen anyone that has very severe negative symptoms on medicine and no negative symptoms off it

Are you sure it’s not something psychological?


Things change over night my friend, in a heartbeat.

Suicide is terrible option. A badly thought out one. No cancer patient wants to die, they always see what they leaving behind, suicide blinds us hard in that regard. If you cant do anything currently that makes u feel better, start dreaming. Dreams keep us going. Everyone has a dream.

A few years back, by societies rules, everything i did, i failed at. Lost all my money countless times and was back living with my parents so many times i gave up. Never had any romantic relationships as i had major delusionsns surrounding it. Couldnt get out of bed from the depression and negatives, had times when i slept the whole day, had no money for medication, and had days when was close to suicide. In otherwords life sucked ass.

As it stands by societies standards, got a beautiful girlfriend now who i love more than anything, the businesses i do are very well off, got plans to change the world that im putting into action. Manage to work 13 hours a day and going to make sure that they all happen.

I for myself figured out that my downfall was the depression well over the sz. Sz for myself is very managable if i manage the depression. When i feel im going down into a bad spiral, then i make sure the depression doesnt hit me hard as sz will clean me out if it does. Just my personal journey.

I understand negatives, but theres a fine line between it and depression. I personally do not care about the rules they make that classify it into brackets as i think everything overlaps, and there way too many variables. MI is in such an infantry stage and sooner or later, you will find what works for you. Maybe just maybe there is some depression, and its worth a shot to try to work on it.

Anyways good luck.


Yes brother relatively very successful than me my parents doesn t take anything from him but they ask half of my money for accomodation…not cool.and dont suicide man because you will never ever experience life after that.believe me

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My parents are still not talking to me and are avoiding me since we fought yesterday. They want me to live on my own. They said if I want to live with them I have to follow their rules and be controlled by them. We fight a lot over my food intake they limit my food intake and hide food, they say I am fat by choice and that its not the meds or the sz.

I hate that feeling… you maybe experiencing the toughest time. I’m sorry.

I hope you can come to good terms with your family, and don’t yell too much

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If I was managing your money I’d just pay you it in small amounts, like £20/day, budget for and pay your bills for you, and put a little aside for emergencies.

I don’t agree with the idea of controlling everything you buy. That’s sounds dysfunctional to me.


I’m sorry to have to say this, but I agree with them. Their house, their rules. Fair or unfair.

I wouldn’t want anyone coming into my house and telling me how to do things.

As far as money is concerned, you can have a non-family member in charge of your finances.

And as you know from your last thread, I am in favor of living alone, no matter what it takes. You will find new found freedom and strength, and you won’t have to feel infantilized by them.

I’m sorry your parents are treating you this way, but I imagine they are just frustrated and this is how it’s manifesting.

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Honestly, I’m offended. If I could, I would live in disabled housing so I can afford my house payment better. The wait list where I live is over 10 years. I’m not a “garbage person” or a drug addict. I’m unable to work but I’m not those things. And even if I was those things it would hurt me to hear you say that about me so negatively.


Hey @Aziz i haven’t talked to you in a while but I have been reading your posts. It feels like you have slipped into a hole and are slowly getting sucked in. I want to help you out of it. I know you were cutting back on calories for a while. Did you stop doing that?

I know you feel alone in your house, surrounded by no support. They treat you like you are disabled. But if you are only eating and getting out of bed for the bathroom, that is being disabled in the worst way. Are you able to sit in a chair for a bit during the day? Once you become 100% stuck in bed, you will feel worse about yourself. You are stuck in a viscous cycle, and you have to pull out of it for your own sake. There are little ways you can change that. And I know you can. Don’t doubt yourself.

But you are going to have to decide eventually if you’d rather have a better life and will do something about it or you will get worse. I want you to become more independent and so do a lot of people here. You are loved even if you don’t feel it. Just try. And keep trying.


I told my brother I am applying for disability he said I will be a parasite to society. But that was months ago, I don’t talk about it anymore and I try to not talk to him.

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It lasted 2 months then I slept off and ate a lot on Christmas. Now I am on a higher dose of medication so its harder but I am trying to replace my sugar intake with calorie and sugar free drinks like the Mio water enhancer and energy drinks.

That’s a simple change that I’m glad you are doing. You might think it doesn’t make a difference, but it does. That’s really smart.

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You can’t control how your body processes the carbs and sugar, but you can control what your body intakes. So I encourage you to eat more simple proteins that don’t cause your sugar levels to bounce like a trampoline.

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Sorry aziz you have to listen to your mom if you’re living in her house. She can’t really control your money unless that has been legally arranged, but if you take the legal route to get access to your money your mom might kick you out, which would be the worst case scenario.


I drink whey protein with matcha everyday.

My parents just started talking to me again, I knew it lol they often do this when mad not talk for 1-2days then they forget what happened lol

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Thanks everyone.

And you’re just going to leave it at that until the next time? Any consideration to making some changes?

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I don’t know what to do honestly. I need someone to manage my money and I am afraid of living on my own. Afraid of getting suicidal ideas.

Well, you’ve gotten a lot of ideas from people on this forum. People here really want to see you succeed.

For now, start with getting out of bed every day. You’ll worry about where you live later, and your money later. Those are big problems. Pick a small one.

If you find something small you can do every day, it will not only boost your self esteem, but your parents will see you trying, and that may change the dynamic with them.

Go back in that thread where you were asking about hobbies and read it again. Read each answer, and really think about it. Better yet, read one and try it. Try something you can do from your bed. Start small, but start, because the only person you are hurting is yourself.