I am at the mercy of my parents, anyone here who doesn't have the right to have his own money with free access?

I am tired of living this life. Not only in bed 24/7 but also no access to my money. Since I was diagnosed with sz my mother became the one who is responsible of me at everything legally. She controls my money even when I worked at her office. The only time I had my own money was when I was working short time jobs on Abilify but I was irresponsible with money eventhough I was working overtime. I am sure it was the Abilify’s fault.

She wouldn’t let me buy outside food more than once a month. We just had a fight because I wanted to order a pizza from Ubereats with a 75% off coupon so 11$CA all in for an XL. I always share it with my brothers. She told me I ordered Ubereats 2 weeks ago so no. She just bought a 1000$ treadmill for my brother who makes 80K$/yr.

I mean I am just asking for 11$ of my own money and she won’t give it to me while she gives 1000$ to my brother who makes lots of money. She told me I am too fat so I shouldn’t eat outside at all and should limit my food intake at home, often they hide good food from me like cakes. Home food can be more fattening than outside food like Subway.


I am paying her rent and food she said but my brothers who make 80+K$/yr don’t pay anything.

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She told me to go live with the garbage ppl and drug addicts who are on disability in low income houses.

Also when I first got sz my parents brought me to Cuba twice for 2 weeks thinking it would help me, now she’s saying I have to pay for it and for everything in the past.

She told me she used to pay my Abilify 120$ when my insurance was expired etc

Sorry to hear this man, hope you get control of your money soon. If you do, make sure you’re responsible with it.

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I am going to apply for assisted suicide when it will be available in a year or two here.

That is not an option.


@Aziz - Assisted suicide is not the answer my fellow Canadian, life can and will get better for you. You’re only 31 years old right? You have plenty of time to improve your life. You’re young… you might need to change your meds. Are you exercising? Excerise is great for your mental health.


I can’t exercise.

I am only good at sleeping and eating.

I used to live with my mom and dad until I was 36…they have a nice house, a yard, etc. and I only paid a little rent to them and helped out with chores, BUT they kept treating me like a teenager. I moved 5000 miles away from them and am receiving disability income and housing assistance…even tho I no longer have a lot of disposable income, I am happier cuz my parents treat me like an adult and we actually have a much better relationship. I like having my independence from them but still allow them to input their opinions on major life situations.
I have a friend who still has a separate payee for his disability income but it’s not a relative to him, and he says it’s easier for him to NOT have family involved with his money. Perhaps you could petition the court to assign you a different payee?


I need to talk about it with my psychiatrist, thing is I don’t have one now and I am severely disabled from negative symptoms, I only get out of bed to eat and to go to the bathroom. Idk how the government can help, I need to live in a place where nurses or whatever take care of me and I would rather die than do that.

Yea me too. 155

I sleep a lot and eat a lot too, so I can relate to you on that.

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It sounds like your mother is upset about something to tell you to pay for the Cuba trip and all. Any idea what may have caused that?

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Bcz she blames me for my negative symptoms and for staying in bed 24/7. She said I am killing myself.

She gets mad everytime I eat, she says I am fat.

It’s either the person is being absolutely mean, or they care about your health.

Maybe you can take a little bit of L-dopa for a little and show her that it’s really your symptom that’s causing you to stay in bed.

Then talk and see if she changes her mind about some of the money ordeal if you take Vrayer the new meds. Or some alternative meds


anyone here who doesn’t have the right to have his own money with free access?

Well, I’m married, so…