I am asking you for release, without medications, release from hostile brainwashing and release from pressure

I am looking to be relaxed, to perform my things in a relaxed, laid-back way.
I feel terrible pressure all the time.

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A therapist may be able to help you with some techniques to help you relax,

But without medications,

I doubt you’ll have much success.


me too i have people watching me please help i can not do this on my own
i dont know what to do

Was talking about CBT for psychosis with my depot nurse the other day. She said to have a chance of it working you needed to be stabilised on meds first.


Meds would likely help. There is a reason they are so widely supported here by people. Just because you are able to avoid being forcibly hospitalized off meds does NOT mean you are functioning to the same degree you may be capable of while medicated


I wish you overcome this hostile brainwashing … just interested in, what type of brainwashing this is?

“Fireman, you came to save me from the fire, but you cut a round hole, not a square one, so I’m not leaving.”


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