I am applying to a target job

It’s a Pest Control Assistant. I think it is a mangeable job to me. The only thing is that a lot of walking and outdoor work is involved. If I don’t have foot pain, I would enjoy the outdoor work very much. I’m applying anyway. They say I would be working in the sun and the rain. I think this is tough but I still want to do this.

I would try harder to cure my foot pain in the meanwhile. Since this is the second time I’m applying for the job, I think I will be doing really good in the interviews. I will be well prepared this time. I’m getting the job. The pay is better than my present job. It would be enough to live a simple life.

I am doing really good.


I am glad googles…!!! Keep soing right…!!! Hope u find next job…!!!

Congrads! Hope u get it… I just was wondering if u asked ur pdoc bout it? Psyc meds usually dont do well in sun…

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Good luck. Most work is about attitude. Do your best and try hard at the tasks they give you and it’s all usually pretty smooth sailing. It helps to have a good work ethic. Do your best and it’ll take care of itself.

Wishing you well!


Really? but I’m only on a minimum dosage of psy med and don’t really feel there is any effect of the sun. Last time I was out in the sun it’s pretty good.

Good luck… BTW I never heard that the ultraviolet from the sun is affecting the meds
What is your current job?

If you get the job check if any of your meds make it easier to get sunburned or make you less resilient to extreme heat or cold. I wish you good luck. It’s good to stay as independent as possible and to stay busy with psychotic illnesses. I know I had a lot of trouble when I stopped having that much to do. As far as your feet go try to use the extra money for footwear to protect them. Pain meds can be bad news. Also make sure you don’t become exhausted.


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