I am angry and lazy

Been tired and lazy,doing so little at work…I am angry at things and guilty most of the time

Are you motivated @Gtx1990? Or and just tired? Or not motivated at all?

I wanted to play games(I knew this is childish),but I couldn’t play and I am not motivated to work at all…I forced myself,it’s unnaturral for me

I’m so sorry @Gtx1990. Do you have any days off coming up?

Yes,I get day off once a week

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Working 6 days a week doesnt seem lazy to me. I think youre judging yourself too harshly.
Still, I dont think you should skip, probably wouldnt go over well with your boss/coworkers if you take off too many days

I am very lazy at work…I am very guilty…but I am tired to do more tbh

My medicine made me a little more tired

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