I am an advanced practice student and want to learn about psychiatric medications

My apologies again for the late reply. Long story short my laptop needed to be replaced and I’ve been on my phone again. Had trouble finding the topic.

I do not have blood work regularly done for Abilify. I did however have blood drawn in a laboratory about once a month when I was on injectable medications. The medication I remember taking with lab work done several times a year was the Invega Sustenna injection. I would rate that the second most effective medication for me personally. It did have several drawbacks and withdrawal from it was a horrible experience. After that the Risperdal Conzta was also effective in treating symptoms for me. Prolixin would be a distant third however that one gave me tremors and other bad side effects such as chest pains, I may have some allergic reaction to it. Because of the tremors, it was discontinued. One thing I should point out is that I felt fine on it for the first two months or so. After the third month of biweekly injections, my body began reacting negatively to it. Another thing I’d like to add, with injectables, I could sometimes feel a burning sensation coursing through my body especially after the first 3 to 4 days of being injected. The reason I usually opted for injections is because I didn’t feel I could trust myself with pills, partly because I likely would have .missed too many doses for it to be effective and also because I was in a state of constant suicidal ideation.