I am alone

So I had the greatest experience on my bday. Showed me so much light and now its gone. Totally gone.
I have friends who are intelligent always weird and intelligent lol so I need brain food. I’m literally feeling like a caged bird.
I have nobody you need me… But I never get to have that. Man it was so intense and I’m so heartbroken. It flooded me with how I used to feel. So much love and it was just fake. I need him I need an intelectual man who’s sexy. I don’t look at friends side ways,
I just felt so close only to be kicked down bc he didn’t care. I thought he was doing all this to show me that he had neverbstopped caring.
But… It was literally bc he would never want me. He hates me. Amd this town he owns it. I can leave and thatll make him happy. This is his kingdom. And he hates my ass.
It would have been easy if he never did this… I know who he is and that hes happy n n love.

Are you happy to be alone?

I’m sorry if you feel alone? Do you have any support?

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