I am agitated about medication

My psychiatrist says he is confident taking me off antipsychotics. I been told taking these medications for over 30 years. For me its against my sz religion as i took APs religiously. I think i keep taking them. I am already taking a low dose of clopixol. What you think ? Should i have a go with this experiment? I believe in science. Apparently the side effects of clopixol cause me back pain (Arthritis).


If your psychiatrist wants to take you off antipsychotics you can always try going without one.


There is always a risk of relapse when you quit meds. It’s up to you if you want to take that risk to get rid of side-effects.


The worse could happen is going back on APs.


You can off meds as your pshycritric suggest. In 30 years of treatment you better understand that when to restart your tablets. Keep some tablet already in your med Box for imergency.

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