I am afraid to post in here, will police be called on me?

Police have been called on me so many times since my teenage years, i’ve been banned from forums, webinars, locked out, forbidden from places in real life. It’s not even funny it is paralizing. Who knows when the admin might decide me to ban me for saying the wrong thing. I can’t even type bad words here it gets grayed out. I might get banned from walmart, public transit, country soon deported. Maybe from plant earth,I guess look does matter.


There’s no reason to worry about being banned or anything else if you just stick to the rules of the forum. They’re not in the habit of calling the police on people.

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You should be cautious with words you say and go on in life
Be go with your car have look to brakes to avoid make accidents

Other people gets away with far worse than what do. I was targetted.

Never post anything on a public forum (or even in an email or a text message) that could get you into legal trouble. Just remember the Miranda warning. You don’t want to say (or write) anything that can be used against you in a court of law.

And obey the rules of the forum to avoid getting your posts removed or hidden or to avoid getting banned.

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I fight authority too

never have liked rules and laws

hope it all doesn’t cause you too much grief.


I was gonna ask

What the heck is that supposed to mean?

I’ve never been weak by being suspended

in fact, I grew stronger.

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