I am a schizophrenic, sex addict and was given a Depot Shot!

Although I did not give my consent to this procedure, along with others, I suffer greatly for what I believe could have been handled by a Behavioral Psychologist, not a drug! Yes, I was addicted to pornography, masturbation and substances, however, I believe I could have been rehabilitated. To all those in my community, schizophrenics who think they can indulge in prolific masturbation, I give you fair warning, that such injections are given, knowingly and unknowingly! For those of you who have sexual appetites that are veracious, I humbly ask you to think twice about the consequences. In conclusion, it would have been better for me to, find a normal healthy relationship then to indulged in my jaded sexual habits! As a Catholic and too Catholics…

(See Masturbation: 2352 Catechism Of The Catholic Church

Sometimes I think the pdoc’s are too eager to prescribe drugs. I think it is because of an inadequately funded health care system. Patients end up on an assembly line treatment because doctors have too heavy a case load.