I am a role model for youngsters in this trumanomatrix

I must be good and careful

Sometimes I play along and cooperate by being good protagonist, other times I refuse and give the middle finger to the cameras

I’m really confused. Can anyone help? It’s not easy for me.

Probably not. You seem to have very fixed ideas. Maybe you could entertain the possibility that you’re wrong and you just have schizophrenia?

I wish there was a way of talking people out of their delusions.


Be a role model for yourself first by being med-compliant and listening to your doctors.

You are not in a TrumanMatrix. Very few people know you even exist…outside of us and your family, friends and acquaintances. That’s it.

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I take my meds. What else do I have to do? Nothing helps. Sooner or later I plunge in another dimension

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Perhaps reality for you is just too painful, so you wrap yourself up in a cloak of delusions to escape the truth.


That’s what my psychoanalyst would say :slight_smile:

Where did you get the 666/999 from? Because I look at the time and it’s :3[9]99 and even on receipts and the back of license plate when I look. Also seeing :3[6]66 alot and on the back of license plates and everywhere really. Just curious as to what you think that means? 999=hell upside?

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