I am a real saleswoman. I'm so excited!

I’m a real Avon saleswoman. I’m so excited. I’m making sales calls door to door and getting orders and making money. I deposited $121 odd dollars into my bank account from checks and cash I received from my customers from my first campaign. But I don’t know yet how much I will have to pay Avon out of that. So, I don’t know how much my commission is going to be on my first campaign. I’m already getting orders on my second campaign. I’ve got most of them already. And I’m making even more money on my second campaign.


Great news @SkinnyMe - congratulations!

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Congratulations @SkinnyMe !

Good luck with continuing and making even more money!

I am surprised how You don’t know how much each item costs on you before selling them

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I do know how much each item costs before selling them. But, Avon sent me one item that I didn’t order and that has me a bit confused. I’m going to get a refund for that order. I know that had a sale price of $19.99 So, that’s how much I will be getting back, I suppose. Or 40% of that anyway.


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