I am a Plasterer by trade

all my plastering work I done was passed by architects so I am professional at it…imo plastering work can be a ‘work of Art’’


whats youre profession folks?

I want to be a drummer but I think I started too late (21yrs old)


going to school to be a greenskeeper but mostly ive just been an employee at warehouses. no title for it really


Telecommunications Technician - I go to the customer’s premise and wire DSL or DOCSIS modems for Internet use.


I am working in construction since I was 14 its in the family of mine

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My profession is marine navigator :man_pilot: but I cannot work due to sz. But I did practice on ships and worked as a sailor


I was offered a plastering job to do, I will give a price for it when I scale it up…I might do it

Awesome, @san_pedro! That’s impressive!


THANKS…I have to price a job next week…at least I know I can do it


lets get working

wow @san_pedro that is awesome that you have a trade…good for you !!

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I’m a social worker.

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Picker in a warehouse?

picked packed loaded trucks drove a forklift even did some mail sortation at a DHL all those things. I liked it because it didn’t require much thought at all, got a little difficult doing the same things month after month

thought about quitting all the time

I trained as an accountant. I don’t have the passion for it like I once did as I guess I did it because I was good at it.

do you work in a warehouse @JH85 ?

Alas no, I’m a part time student and actively volunteer…

Luckily I get social security payments that enable me to do this, otherwise I’d take a larger student loan!

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